Inspired by the viral success of her Breaking Down The Riffs®  series, Natalie Weiss has taken her one of a kind teaching method back to the drawing board - literally - to bring you an epic, self-guided pop singing & riffing course.

Ready to transform your pop vocals?

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Whether you're a professional singer, voice teacher, or hobbyist, this course will open your eyes and ears to a whole new way of approaching pop singing.


SLAY Your Next Audition!

Feeling defeated when an audition requires a pop song? Scared to step out of your “musical theatre” comfort zone? 


In this business, versatility is non-negotiable. This course unlocks your confidence to find your niche in a pop-prevalent landscape. Get ready to light that audition room on fire with your new authentic pop sound!


TEACH The Pop They Want!

Wishing you could better connect to your students? Feeling like your formal approach doesn’t mesh with their pop dreams? 

We hear you!

This course delivers a suite of fail-proof vocal tools designed to build up your inner pop power so you can breathe new life into your teaching!

IGNITE Your Joy of Singing!

Did you shelve your pop star dreams because you thought they were too unreachable? Did the joy of singing fall away?

That’s no way to live!

Time to dust off your skills and grab onto this truly fun and attainable method of pop singing!!! You will laugh, learn, and rediscover why you fell in love with singing in the first place!


Scott Hoying

3x Grammy-Winning Singer/Songwriter & Founding Member of the Multi-Platinum Selling Group Pentatonix

“I’ve been a huge fan of Natalie since high school! Her unbelievably impressive and effortless voice inspires and moves me profoundly. I was addicted (and still am) to every video of her and would go to all her shows when I was in college. Now seeing her high-energy, thorough, and super effective methods of teaching across platforms, I can’t recommend this digital course enough! I can guarantee that people will instantly learn and improve their singing chops greatly from it.”


Raquel Suarez Groen

Carlotta in Broadway's Phantom of the Opera

“Natalie Weiss is the real deal! I took her class for classical singers and it was a huge eye-opener for me. Coming from a classical background, I knew how to do coloratura fast - but didn't realize how I could use that same technique in my riffing too. Natalie was super clear, precise (and fun!) and ignited a major interest in exploring more pop music (...and that's a big deal for an Opera Singer!). I not only learned how to riff - but also played around with a bunch of different sound qualities so I could explore a variety of pop styles. I love that Natalie was able to bridge the gap from a classical/musical theatre sound to more of a pop sound - and made it super easy for me to adapt my classical technique to a more contemporary one. I loved every second of it!

BUY HER COURSE! You won't regret it!" 


Cheyenne Jackson

Grammy-Nominated TV & Broadway Star, Two-Time Drama Desk Nominee

“I met Natalie 13 years ago and was instantly knocked over by her vocal talent and energy. Over the years, I watched her career blossom and was especially fascinated by her “Breaking Down The Riffs®” series. I had never seen anyone interpret pop idiosyncrasies into the musical theatre world in a real and tangible way. I recently reached out for her help on a particularly difficult “riffy” song. Her whole approach is so exciting and she feels like the coolest cheerleader. I also love that her face doesn’t lie; If you’re flat...her face will tell you. She has an ear like I’ve never encountered and she hears rhythms and intervals like a machine.

Her ear is a weapon…that thankfully she uses for good."










"I’m calling it: BDTR will make the textbooks! The process of BDTR is so fun and enjoyable it’s almost easy to forget that it’s a legitimate and valuable method. Textbook worthy!”

— KATIE GORNICK, The Katie Gornick Vocal School


Okay so what do you actually GET? Lets...

This long-awaited, intimidation-free course digs deep into the contemporary stylings of pop music and leaves you with all the tools you need to unlock your full potential.


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Ryan Doyle


"As someone who primarily sings pop music and has experience riffing, this course even further deepened my understanding of pop music. It helped me internalize vocal gymnastics I had already been doing but hadn’t looked at from a technical perspective. I feel like I added so many amazing new tools to my tool kit, and dusted off the foundation of my pop singing technique! 10 out of 10 would recommend to any singer of any genre or level!”

Natalya Fisher

Oklahoma City University 2019

“Natalie guides students, like myself, who are trained in Musical Theatre towards a more pop-centered vocal quality. She gives you effective and simple tools to create a drastic result. Not only is she a master at riffing, she is also able to pinpoint how to attain that pop sound through a vast array of techniques and exercises. Learning from Natalie will leave you feeling prepared, filled with energy, and equipped with the right tools.”

Natalie Szczerba

Otterbein University 2017

"Natalie has helped me defy old limiting beliefs about my voice and abilities and instead instilled so much confidence in me and what my voice CAN do.  I’m no longer going to be avoiding auditions that require pop songs because I now have the tools, techniques, visuals, confidence, and materials to implement during those auditions and also nail them. I cannot express enough how voice-changing and life-changing having Natalie as my teacher has been and will continue to be.”

Justin Eddy

National Theatre School of Canada 2021

“I cannot speak highly enough of Natalie and her work. Her dedication and specificity in coaching has uncovered a power and strength in my voice that I have never felt before. Natalie’s technique and tools unlocked a part of my voice I had been working for years to discover. She has completely changed my voice, and I will carry the tools she has shared with me for the rest of my career and vocal practice.”

Ready to Transform Your Pop Vocals?

Whether you want to nail those Top 40 hits or Contemporary Musical Theatre pieces, this course unleashes the fierce pop vocalist inside of you! 


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